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This event explores the power of the Biosonic Planetary Tuners and the Paiste Earth Symphonic gong among other instruments ( didgeridoo, tambour, shruti box, tank drum). The Planetary Tuners are tuning forks that align to the energy of specific planets, creating a sympathetic resonance between the planets and yourself. 
Let’s experience together the magical sounds from the Sun 252,44Hz, Moon 420.88 Hz, Earth 272.2 Hz, Mercury  282,54 Hz, Venus 442,26 Hz,  Mars 289,44 Hz, Jupiter 367,16 Hz, Saturn 295,7 Hz, Uranus 414,72 Hz, Neptune 422,88 Hz, Pluto 280,5 Hz.

We will end the session with  a gentle exploration of our voices, through humming and toning together.

What to bring? 

Come dressed in comfortable clothes, bring yoga mat+ blanket+ eye pillow and be ready for a deep relaxation and unique inner journey into yourselves. 

Sound immersions are much needed medicine for the stress and strain of daily life. 


MEET THE HOSTS: Laura Hirca & Ludi Hinrich

Laura Hirca

Laura was born and raised in Romania and moved to California in 2007.
Originally trained in classical music, Laura performed for 6 years in a baroque ensemble exploring her operatic voice with various mentors. At heart, she stayed close to her traditional Romanian musical roots, weaving ancient now traditional songs with modern jazz rhythms. 
In 2015 she began exploring the healing capacities of frequencies and sounds guided by Silvia Nakkach through the Sound Healing and Voice program at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco where she came in contact with the magic of deep listening and music making. 
She continued to explore her inner and outer voice in various workshops with Meredith Monk in NY,  Kitka, a women’s group in Berkley.
In 2016 she produced “Ancestors of Origin”, an art installation and ritual workshop with the public in San Francisco at Embryo Lab, an artistic collaboration with 3 other female artists. 

Since 2017 she’s been leading Sonic Meditations in private and group retreats in Guatemala, Egypt, Europe and USA, using her voice and various sound tools including tuning forks, tank drum, djembe, shakers.

For the past 4- 5 years she has been exploring the mystical sounds of the pyramids in Egypt, the ancient frequencies of jungle sites in Guatemala and Mexico and the ceremonial whistling techniques of the Peruvian queros.


Ludi Hinrichs

Ludi Hinrichs has worked as a professional composer, arranger, pianist, trombonist and vocalist since 1966. He works in the fields of jazz, classical, avant-garde and the classical music of North India. His recent concerts include duo performances with minimalist Terry Riley, Beat poet Gary Snyder and former Duke Ellington trombonist Arthur Baron. Venues have included the Lincoln Center in New York, Sogetsu Hall in Tokyo and the University of California Santa Cruz as a featured soloist with the New Music Works Festival.
Mr. Hinrichs has collaborated with numerous poets, visual artists and dancers over the years, and has had his own groups perform at the World Fest located in Grass Valley, California. Recent CD’s include Kairos/Kronos; Mountains and Rivers Without End; Whimsey - with his 6-piece group, ChickenBonz; and Loss, Remembrance and Emergence dedicated to his late wife, Karen. Hinrichs lives in the Sierra Nevada near Nevada City, California.

“Ludi Hinrichs is three musicians in one!” –Gary Snyder
“Other Worldly and transporting” –Jeff G, architect
“A surprising and unique genius coming right from these Sierra foothills.”
 -Emmett M, longtime piano student
“Ludi Hinrichs is one of the most musically intelligent people I’ve ever come
across.” -Elizabeth Dorbad, multimedia artist


There will be Tea & Snacks Bar available after the event (not included with ticket)

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