by Prof. Duncan Earle

April 18th, at 6:00 pm
(May schedule to be announced.)
Admission: $15


"Ever wonder why the Maya worship cycles of  time? Imagine you have an invitation to understand America's oldest way of measuring days, a 3000 year old calendar completely distinct from Old World calculations of time, one that both determines people's material and spiritual destiny and also their due dates for babies, a math that serves to organize rituals of healing and rites of visioning for entire vast civilizations, and a sacred count that continues today in a few remote Maya villages.  Imagine no more, come and hear about how the Maya see time (and space!).  Hear it from someone who has lived there, learned this calendar and its math as an initiate in the Maya system of calendar divination, and who has also spent a lifetime in study of the subject as an anthropologist, archaeologist, and Mayanist scholar." 

"My name is Duncan Earle, and I used to be an anthropologist, taught for over 4 decades at such places as Dartmouth College, Vanderbilt, UT Austin, American, UT El Paso, and Clark, with a predominant focus on the culture of the Maya of Guatemala and Chiapas, Mexico.  While residing with a rural K’iche’ Maya family in Guatemala, and working for Save the Children back in 1976-78, I found myself insistently recruited to learn about the esoteric meanings of the Maya calendar as a diviner/healer, much to my surprise.  Reluctantly I took up the medicine bundle and learned how the Maya still use this most ancient calendar to determine birth and divine destiny, by way of my spiritual initiation.  I shielded this gift from my professional career until my recent retirement, but have found my calling reemerging here in the foothills.  My offering to those interested involves providing an explanation of this Maya worldview I was once immersed in, explaining how the 260-day sacred calendar works in birthing and divining, and providing a demonstration of how a Maya divination is actually done.  Those who may know of other divinatory systems, Tarot, I Ch’ing, Runes, may find this truly New World meaning system of interest— you may even have a pressing question, or want to know your Maya “birthday”.  My presentation is accompanied by imagery and other learning aids to help with communicating this unique topic.  Come with me and see a Maya world unfold."


"My many years of study have allowed me to understand the Maya system in a way as to translate its significance into western terms and concepts. That is, to be in two worlds at once.  I have written over 50 publications, and a book, assessing and discussing aspects of Maya culture, society and rights, although rarely about divination directly, and have held many academic positions of importance, such as Director for the Center for Interamerican and Border Studies, at UT El Paso, and Mellon Professor at Vanderbilt University.  For a dozen years associated with the US Library of Congress, as their editor for Ethnology of Mesoamerica, reviewing all publications in English. Spanish and French on indigenous people of Mexico and Central America. Suffice to say I have had a deep dive into both kinds of knowledge on this subject, which makes the talk quite unique."
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 Admission:  $15 


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